Why Advertise with Easy Made Invitations?

Easy Made is currently accepting new sponsors for our site.

Easy Made Invitations is a popular website geared to give it’s visitors ideas and design options for creating their own handmade invitations for all occasions.  With new and unique daily blogs, we provide free quality information, how-to advice, supply lists and product reviews to those who love to use their creativity and imagination to make invitations by hand.  Easy Made Invitations is also a social community where visitors can use each other’s input and ideas to build on their own creativity.

We are looking for those companies who carry great lines of paper products, such as cardstock, fine paper and envelopes, at reasonable prices.  We are also looking for suppliers of all the fine details that make a great invitation, such as ribbon, embellishments, adhesive products and crafting supplies.  Just incase our visitors opt for a custom made or ready made invitation, rather than handmade, we are also looking for those companies who offer beautiful and creative invitations for purchase at reasonable prices.

Sponsors will receive the benefit of Easy Made Invitations’ application of search engine optimization, such as keyword searches and image searches. RSS feeds enable our visitors to read our blog posts about the new invitation ideas we feature each day. All Advertising is on a month to month basis unless cancelled with a 10 day notification. Email Easy Made Invitations to discover how we can develop an affordable online advertising strategy to target the many visitors that search our site each day looking for new ideas and great products.

Our site has steadily increased in popularity and visitors.  You can find Easy Made Invitations in the #1 spot on several Google searches, such as “Homemade Invitations”, “Homemade Bridal Shower Invitations”, “Homemade Baby Shower Invitations” and many more!  Everyday Easy Made Invitations welcomes on average 450 unique visitors each day to our site and sees nearly 22,000 page loads per month!  That is potentially a lot of exposure for our advertisers and sponsors!

Email Easy Made Invitations at to start seeing increased traffic to your product or site!

Advertising pricing is listed below based on a $2/1,000 page load per month price…

  • 125x125px = $20 per month
  • 255x68px = $30 per month, sits above 125x125px ads
  • 255x250px = $40 per month, sits above 255x68px ads

We look forward to working with you!

Thank you for your interest in Easy Made Invitations! Your comments or questions are welcome and encouraged!

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