{Be Merry} DIY Christmas Banner & Centerpiece

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This year I was in charge of decorating for our Annual PTO Appreciation Lunch at my daughter’s school.  Some other PTO members thought I was crazy, but I was so excited to decorate for it!

I knew I wanted to create some centerpieces and a cute banner for the dessert table, so I got to work!

Follow the tutorial below to learn how to create these cute banners for the Christmas party you’re planning!  You’ll be surprised how quick and easy these are to make!  If you have an Illustrator or graphic design computer program, you’ll probably be able to make them even quicker!  But, since I don’t have either of those, this is how I made them.  :)

And, if you love these, but don’t have time to make them, contact me and I’ll do it for you!  I’ll create any color or style of banner for you to coordinate with your party and theme…birthday, anniversary or whatever!  I’d love to hear from you!

{Be Merry} Large Banner…

Begin by creating a template that your letters will be on.  I like the look of a beautiful scalloped rectangle, so using a piece of paper, I created one.  I just kept cutting and trimming till I had a shape that I liked.  It is about the size of  4-1/2″x 7″.  Then I used that as my template for all the letters.   I printed a large letter out on white cardstock, traced the outline shape on it and cut it out.

Next, using mounting squares, I attached the white letter sheet to a piece of 5-1/2″x 8-1/2″ red cardstock and cut around the white cardstock leaving about 1/8″ of red showing.  This may seem hard, but it’s actually really easy to do!

Then, attach the letter sheets to the assorted 5-1/2″x 8-1/2″ Christmas printed paper.

The next step is to cut a small slit in the upper right and left corners of the background paper.  Then weave the 3/8″ wide ribbon through each slit.

Leave a generous amount of ribbon on each end so you have enough to attach to the table.

Now, just attach to the table, tie some cute bows and you’re done!

{Be Merry} Centerpiece Bunting… 

Begin by typing all the letters you’ll need on any Word or printshop program.  Print them out onto white cardstock.  Cut around the letters to create a 1-1/4″ square.

Cut the background papers to a size of 1-1/2″x 1-3/4″.  Attach the white cardstock letters to the background paper.  Then puch a small hole on the upper left and right sides of the papers.

Using the 1/8″ wide ribbon, string the letters on.  Tie them onto the dowel rods and tie in a bow.

(I wanted a two-sided view for my bunting, so I made twice as many letters and attached them and the backgrounds to the opposite side of the paper as well.)

To make the base, you will need two plastic Christmas bulbs.  Cut the top hook piece off the top.

For the base piece, I used a piece of thin, 1″ wide wood that I found in our garage.  Using a glue gun, attach a Christmas bulb to each end of the wood, about 12″ apart, or whatever distance your banner needs to span.

Once the glue has set, insert the dowel rods in to the bulbs and put a generous amount of glue around it to.

And that’s all!  Pretty easy.  Now, just place on the table and use fresh pine branches, berries and pine cones to conceal the wooden base!  Your guests will love these centerpieces!

I even created a Dessert Table sign in the same style! …so easy!  Remember, I’d love to make all of this for you too!



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    You are the creative one! I always love everything you do and learn so much! thanks!

  2. 2

    What kind of paper punch are you using. It almost looks like a stapler. Where did you get it if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. 4

    They all look fantastic, Lindsay!

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