Beach Party Invites

A couple of weeks ago a mom at my daughter’s school who knows I make invitations asked me if I could help her out.  She asked me if I wanted to the invitations for her son’s 6th grade “end of the year” party.  I thought it sounded like a fun idea, so I accepted.

Though they turned out great, it was a little harder task than I thought it would be.  His class was on a tight budget for the party, so I couldn’t spend much money on the supplies.  And, they had 80 students in the class and they wanted all of their full names on each invitation. 

While it was hard to work with those two requirements, I had one easy one: it was a beach theme party, so I thought I could come up with a really fun and creative invitation. 

My solution to all three requirements turned out to be a two-layered flip-flop (the first layer with the party info and the second with all the kids names).  The flip-flops were set atop a tropical paper and a lime green backer paper.  To give the flip-flops dimension, I added a ribbon where the thong of the sandal would normally be. 

They turned out so cute and I only spent $40 for all the supplies for 80 invitations!  What a great deal!  Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby’s 50% off sales!  I’ve posted some pics of the invite above.  Let me know what you think!



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