{DIY} Homemade Birthday Scratch-Off Invitations

This just may be one of my favorite designs yet!  A birthday scratch-off invitation…how cool is that??

What kid wouldn’t want to get this fun invitation in the mail?  I definitely know mine would!  They looovveee the surprise of revealing a scratch-off card!

I’ve combined the fun and surprise of a scratch-off ticket into a super cool invitation!

The best part is, it’s actually easy to make!

Remember that I also offer my custom order service…if you’re short on time but really like this invitation, no worries…I can make them for you!  Just contact me and I’ll get you a price and delivery date!  This invitation design would have a 2 week turn-around time.

If you want to make this yourself, follow the easy tutorial below.  And remember, you can use this technique for anything!  Cards, Valentines (like I showed here) and custom lottery tickets!  How fun!!

{DIY} Homemade Birthday Scratch-Off Invitations…

{ Invitation Supplies }

Invitation Supply List…

1) Begin by cutting the red cardstock in half to a size of 5-1/2″x 8-1/2″.   Next cut the polka-dot paper to a size of 5-1/8″x 8-1/8″.  I love using my X-acto Paper Trimmer for all my cutting!

2) The next step is to create your text layout.  This may be a little tricky, but after you get the hang of creating a “circle” text, you’ll find that it’s easy.  I just placed my text where I wanted on the page using my Word program.  Then I inserted a circle shape for each text circle.  I increased or decreased the size of each and changed them to be behind the text (otherwise you’ll find that the circle covers the text).  Then i changed the outline to a color and increased the line width.

3) Once I had it how I wanted, I printed it out on the white cardstock.

4) Cut the white cardstock to a size of 4-1/4″x 7-1/4″ and attach all the layers together using the mounting squares.

{ invitation without scratch-offs applied }

{ Close-up }

5) The next step is to make the scratch-off formula.  You can find the recipe for that here where I made my daughter’s Valentines using the scratch-off recipe too.

{ Cut out the circles }

6) After you’ve made the formula, painted a couple coats on the con-tact paper and let it dry completely, you’re ready to cut the circles to cover your text.

7) I like using my Fiskars Circle Cutter because I can make any size of circle 1″ and bigger.  It’s really easy to use and works great!  You can also use a circle punch if you’d rather, but you will have to make sure your circle outlines are the exact same size.  Either method works fine.  Measure each of the circles. Turn your con-tact paper upside down and cut the correct size circles out.

8 ) Next, remove the backing from the contact paper and stick them down on each of your circles on the invitations!

It’s that easy!!

Your kids friends are going to love getting these babies in the mail!  You could also attach a shiny penny to each one for easy scratching!  (and an added bonus!)

I’d love to know if you decide to make these!  Send me a pic!!



  1. 1

    Totally LOVE this idea, Lindsay!

  2. 3

    Love it Lindsay! What a cool idea for an invite!

  3. 5

    Lindsay, these are super cute!!

  4. 7

    Such a cool idea!

  5. 9

    Lindsay~ great idea! This makes it so much more fun to receive. Very interactive!

  6. 11

    An interactive invitation…LOVE it!!!

  7. 13

    Super fun invitation!!

  8. 15

    love this Lindsay!! thanks for sharing this amazing idea. I’ll have to try this for my son’s party

  9. 17
    lhanna says:

    You are so incredibly talented, thank you so much for sharing your ideas and providing tutorials for all your amazing work…I feel so inspired to create an invitation!

  10. 19
    Tammy MacLaren says:

    Having a problem getting the circles in the word program. Could you walk me through it step by step and where to find the tools in Word.

    • 20

      You will find the circles in the clipart or shapes section of Word or Publisher. Sometimes Publisher is easier to use and it should already be on your computer if you have Windows. Once you find the shapes and select the circle, you can place it anywhere on the page. Then double-click it to change the outline size and color. It’s pretty simple once you figure it out. Hope this helps!

  11. 21
    Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing this idea. I have 2 young sons and they would be thrilled with such invitations to give out. I live in Germany and haven’t seen anything like that here, either hand made or in the shops.

  12. 22
    kd says:

    Great idea, but I found the instructions not so clear, and I don’t know what or how to use some of the tools for this!

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