Easy Valentine Garland

I’m not super big on decorating for Valentine’s day, but with what I do decorate, I like to keep it simple and not fussy!  (Afterall, I just spent two weeks a couple months ago decorating for Christmas…I just can’t handle that every other month!)

I’ve seen some ideas like this floating around Pinterest and I thought I’d give it a try!

I used left over paint swatches as heart cut-outs to create some cute and simple garland for my mantle.  I love being able to up-cycle something that was just going to get recycled anyway!

My daughter has this thing about always picking up a couple paint swatches whenever we go to Lowe’s… I think she’s secretly hoping that one of these days I’ll break down and re-paint her room!

Either way, I had a bunch of different shades of pink paint swatches just laying around and I always have ribbon, so those together are perfect!

Here is how to make your own cute Valentine garland…



1)  Begin by hunting for all those paint swatches your kids pick up at the store and hide everywhere.

2) Using a heart punch, punch out a bunch of hearts from all the paint swatches.



3) Next use a hole punch and punch two holes in each heart.

4) Now thread the ribbon through the hearts.  We chose a dark chocolate brown ribbon for ours because black seemed to bold and white was too light.

Now you’ve got a cute Valentine garland!

I also had another idea while making this garland….I had a ton of white cardstock strips left-over from an invitation order and I didn’t want to just throw them in the recycling.  I decided to make a cute cake stand garland too!

Remember when I posted my super easy, super cheap cake stand tutorial here???  Well, I used one of those cake stands to decorate!  Don’t cha love it??

Adds a cute touch to an ordinary serving piece!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  xoxo



  1. 1

    Great ideas Lindsay. I like the garland around the cake stand. Who knew paint samples could be so much fun:)

  2. 2
    Sandra says:

    I’ve been throwing away my scrap pieces of cardstock but not anymore. This is a great idea, thanks a bunch!

  3. 3

    I love this garland! Sometimes it’s the simple creations that have the cutest appeal!

    Also, the scratch off invitations below are such a cool idea!

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