Handmade Christmas Party Invitation

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A couple of weeks ago I had the fun task of creating the invitations for my daughter’s school’s annual PTO Staff Appreciation lunch.

I wanted them to look good, and let’s face it, they were going out to over 100 people, so I thought maybe this could be a good advertising opportunity!

After I made the mock-up for the invite, I really liked the way it looked so I went with it… one hundred and four invitations later, I was kind of regretting going with a quite time-consuming design!  There were quite a few layers, lots of cutting, and a ribbon.

Don’t get me wrong, this is still an “easy made invitation”, but it would probably have been a little easier for maybe 20-30 invites or even 50, but 104 was pushing it.

{ Fun but....uggggghhhhh }

Anyway, if you’d like to make this invitation on your own, follow the tutorial below.  But, if you’d like an even easier option, contact me and I’ll make them for you!  And, even if you ask for 104 invitations, I promise not to complain!  :)

{ Supplies }

To begin, cut the red cardstock to a size of 5-1/2″x 7-1/2″.  If you have a larger text amount, then go with a longer length of 8-1/2″, but since I didn’t need to include a lot of text, I went with a smaller overall size.

{ Backside of polka-dot paper and white cardstock }

Next, cut a piece of white cardstock to a size of 3-3/4″x 5″.  Then cut a piece of the polka-dot paper to a size of 3-3/4″x 5″.

Overlap the two so the overall length is 7″.  Use a piece of tape to attach them on the backside, as shown above.

Cut two pieces of the ribbon, about 1-1/2″ long.  (you can also use a thinner ribbon than 1-1/2″)  Using tape, attach a piece on either side of the paper.  Wrap them around to the front side and attach it with tape again.

{ Ribbon attached on front side }

Next, using mounting squares, attach that layer to the red cardstock.

Now, using either Word or a printshop program, create a text layout.  Be sure to make it interesting and use some fun fonts.  Once you have a text layout, print it on the white cardstock.

{ Attach the layers together }

Cut the text cardstock to a size of 3-1/2″x 4-3/4″.  Then cut another piece of red cardstock to a size of 3-3/4″x 5″.  Attach those two layers together using mounting squares.

The final step is to attach the text layers to the base layers.

That’s it!  Sounds pretty simple for a smaller number of invitations, but let me tell ya, doing 104 took a while!

Remember to contact me if you’d like a quote for this or any invitation listed on my website!  I’d love to help you out with your next bash!

And, be sure to check back in next week…I’ll be showing some fun, easy ways to make some cute Christmas banners for a party that match this overall theme!

Happy Holidays!!



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