Homemade Baptism Invitation {Boy}

Today I’m featuring this lovely handmade Baptism invitation for a boy.  This invitation design would also work great as a First Holy Communion invitation and being that spring is right around the corner (1st Communion’s usually take place in the spring) I thought maybe some people would be on the hunt for the perfect invitation.

Not only is this invitation design beautiful, it’s also really simple to make.

And, the best thing is, if you have a little girl, it’s so easy to use this design too!  Just replace the light blue cardstock with light pink!

Keep in mind that I also offer custom design services for all the invitations I feature on my site.  If you see this or any invitation on my site that you like, contact me and I’ll get you a price ASAP!  I love creating invitations for people and I love custom orders!!  Be sure to start your party off right with the perfect invitation!

If you’d like to make this invitation on your own, just follow the simple tutorial below.  I’d love to hear some feedback on this new design!  Just simply leave a comment below!

Baby Boy Baptism Invitation…

{ Supplies }

Supply List…

I know that in the supplies picture above, I have a sheet of light blue polka-dot paper…well, I initially thought that I wanted that in this design.  But, after I began working on the design I decided that polka-dots just didn’t fit well.

Begin by cutting your blue cardstock in half to a size of 8-1/2″x 5-1/2″.  I love using my X-acto Paper Trimmer!  It works perfectly and has for years!

Next, design a text layout using any computer program.  I like to use Word because I know that that is what most people have on their computers.

I changed the text color to a light gray and a beautiful blue to match the cardstock.

After printing your text on the white cardstock, cut it to a size of 8″x 5″.

{ Make the circles }

Using another piece of blue cardstock, cut a circle with a 2-3/4″ diameter.  I love using my Fiskar’s Circle Cutter because you can cut any size circle just by sliding a little arm!  Works great!

Then, using a piece of the white cardstock, cut a circle with a 2-1/4″ diameter.

Using mounting squares, attach the white circle to the blue circle.

{ Add the gemstones }

Next, add the gemstones to create a cross.  The gemstones I have come in strips which makes this an easy step!

{ Attach the ribbon }

Now, using about a 6″ piece of ribbon, attach it to the white cardstock leaving about 1″ or so on the left side.

Finally attach the circle emblem to the center of the ribbon and then attach the white cardstock to the blue cardstock and you’re finished!

Don’t you love it!  I wish I would’ve thought of this invitation when my had his Baptism!  :)

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  1. 1

    Another gorgeous invitation, Lindsay…

  2. 3
    Mayra says:

    i have a quesiton i want to make this for my sons baptism this summer how to i make it so my text can look like the ones on the picture to i have to have a template or something or when i do my text on word do i put as a landscape so it can look like yours

    • 4

      Actually, if you’re making this in Word, then start with a portrait layout and use a right side text alignment. I used Century Gothic font for the majority of the text and “Cursif” font for the name and word, Baptism. You can download the “cursif” font on a free font downloading site…just google “cursif font free download” and it will take you where you need to go. Then just change your font colors and copy and paste the whole text to the bottom half of the page too to create two on one page. Hope this helps!

  3. 5
    Mayra says:

    And also I love your invites they are so cute and creative! :)

  4. 7
    Margie Martinez says:

    Thanks for the tip on the template. Much easier than I thought.

  5. 8
    Rebecca says:

    Thank you for the beautiful invitation inspiration. I’m making some right now for my son’s baptism. I had the same question about the fonts and Word layout. Thanks for giving us the details.

  6. 9
    Bernie says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if you used the mounting squares to attach the two pieces of card stock or if you glued those.

  7. 11
    Jenny says:

    Absolutely love these invites!! Do you remember where you get the gems from? I’ve looked at Michaels but only could find silver or pearls.


  8. 12

    You are so nice

  9. 13
    Kelley Montesano says:

    Where did you get the gemstones from?

  10. 14
    Kelley Montesano says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the rhinestones, and what size you used? Thanks!

  11. 16
    Erin says:


    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!!! I came across this design while searching for ideas for my daughters baptism and fell in love with it!!! I simply changed it up to use pink and lime green with the white and they turned out perfectly!! She just celebrated her birthday in June and your website was the first place I checked for ideas!!! Sadly, we needed Minnie Mouse!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful designs!!!

  12. 18
    Sarah says:

    I was wondering how many invites you can make from the supplies listed. I am excited to make these!

    • 19

      Hi Sarah, I’m glad you’re excited to make these invites! Your guests will love them! The supply list will make you two invitations, so you can just purchase the amount of invitations you’ll need divided by two. Just buy plenty of gemstones and ribbon for the whole order. Good luck!

  13. 20
    Jennifer Emerson says:

    Love the homade baptism invites in blue…how much would you charge if i needed to order 15 from you?

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