Homemade Birthday Invitations


Need a homemade birthday invitation idea?

Looking for a great idea for a bonfire party or an outdoor birthday party?  This homemade invitation idea will work perfect!

When a good friend’s daughter was turning 13, she wanted to throw a bonfire birthday party for her and asked if I could make the invitations.  Of course I accepted, so I had some work to do.

I wanted the invitations to fit the theme of the party, so I came up with the idea of a campfire template with a couple other layers of paper as well. 

First, I needed to figure out a template for the campfire.  Luckily, my husband is great at drawing, so I asked him to help me out.  He came up with this design, which I think worked great!

I had plenty of room within the fire for all the text and information about the party.  While configuring the text layout, I did a lot of trial and errors.  But, I finally got it right and was able to print two text layouts on one sheet of paper.  I used the template and traced the fire onto the paper.  Then, I freehand cut out the templates for each invitation.  Good thing she only invited 20 people!  For an added touch, I used some colored pencils and lightly colored on the fire and logs to give them a more realistic look.

Finally, I cut out the other two layers of paper and attached everything together.

The overall cost of the invitation wasn’t much at all, with just using paper.  Although, they were quite time-consuming!  This invitation was okay to use for a small group with 20-30 invites, but any amount over that and I’d probably choose something a little less time-consuming.

Sometimes learning how to make your own invitations is well worth it and lots of fun!


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