Homemade Fall Bridal Shower Invitation

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While I was trying to decide what I wanted this invitation to look like, I was looking outside and admiring the slowly changing colors of the leaves on the trees.  I just love fall and I love the beautiful fall colors!

Right then I knew what I wanted to do!  Create a beautiful invite in traditional fall colors and style.

The invitation above is the finished product of that thought!  Hope you like it!  If you do, you can make it yourself too by following the tutorial below, or if you don’t have time, but love the design, we also offer custom orders!  Contact me and I will create this beautiful invitation just for you!

To begin, start by cutting the brown cardstock in half to a size of 5-1/2″x 8-1/2″.  I recommend using an Exacto Paper Trimmer!  I’ve had mine for years and it still makes a perfect cut!  It will save you tons of time while making invitations!

The next step is to create the tree silhouette for the text layer of the invitation.  I have a printshop program on my computer and I was able to find this design within the images of the program.  It was a full tree, but I played around with it in my paint program and came up with the image that I used on the invitation.  You can also search free online images and find something that you like!

Insert the image into the program that you will be typing your text into.  I used my Word program for this invitation.  I chose a portrait layout and copied and pasted the tree image into the program.  I then typed my shower information into the page as well.

I wanted the wording to go along with the fall theme as well, so I used this for the beginning…

“Falling in Love

Please join us for a fall bridal shower honoring

Makenzie Melton


Joshua Rivers”

I also used a right side alignment and used different fonts to make the wording interesting and elegant!

Finish off the text by printing in a dark brown ink so it blends well with the overall color scheme.

I was able to fit two text sheets on one sheet of paper.  This will help in keeping your paper costs down!

Print out the text and tree onto the burnt orange cardstock.

Using the paper cutter again, cut the orange cardstock to a size of 5″x 8″.

Next, using your leaf paper punch, punch out some leaves from the remaining colored cardstocks.  Attach them to the orange cardstock using mounting squares.  Be sure to position them so they look as though they are “falling”.

Finally, attach the orange cardstock to the dark brown cardstock using the mounting squares.  Be sure to keep it centered.


That’s it!!  I just love this design perfect for fall and especially the fact that it is so simple to make!

You’ll definitely want to try this invitation for the bridal shower you’re planning this fall season!

Remember to email me or contact me for information on custom orders!

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  1. 1
    Leslie says:

    beautiful post! Thanks for sharing and posting!

  2. 2
    Bridget says:

    Hi Lindsay -

    I love your fall invitations and was curious how much they it would cost if I ordered them through you vs. making them myself for approximately 175 people?

    Thank You
    Bridget Wilson

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