Housewarming Invitations


”Tis the season for house-warming!  If you or someone you know is moving or buying a new house, why not have a housewarming party to celebrate?! 

Here is a great idea for tasteful housewarming party invitation.  And, it is super easy to make!

Just start with a solid color base sheet.  Here, I chose a light yellow.  Next, choose a coordinating lightly printed paper.  The one I found is a light green color with a very faint swirl pattern to it.

For the text sheet, I chose a cream solid sheet.  For the text itself, I chose a layout using a cursive font for the main body and a print font for the words, “Help us make our house a home…”  I printed the text in a brown ink that blended better with the colors of the papers than a traditional black would have.

Rather than cutting a straight edge for the text sheet, I decided that a ripped egde would look better.  Ripping an edge is easy and looks great.

Next, I used some metal brads and fastened them to the corners of the printed sheet.  I think that the brads give a good texture and ‘home-y’ look to it.

I then made a tag using left-over cream and yellow paper and I freehanded the words “New Home” on it.

For the finishing touch, I wrapped the print and text sheets in a raffia and tied on the tag.

This design could be used for any number of invitations such as an anniversary.  It’s also very easy to make, which means making a large number of these isn’t a problem.

Let me know of other housewarming invitations you’ve made!



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    Hi Lindsay,

    I found your handmade housewarming invites via a Google search and I really love them!

    I’ve featured your design on my blog – – and have included a link back to your website so my visitors can buy from you if they wish.

    Is this ok with you?

    I’m sure my followers will like your genius design as much as I do, however if you are not happy with me featuring your design or images please let me know :)

    Best wishes,

    Hannah x


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