How to Make Baby Shower Invitations

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Are you looking for a cute idea for a homemade baby shower invitation?  I just created this invitation for a summer baby shower for a girl.  I think it turned out so cute and summery!

Because I used a floral print that I cut out, it was a little more time-consuming than usual, but I think the end results are worth it!

To start, I chose a floral print paper that I thought was cute and thought could fit the theme of a baby shower.  Then I chose the coordinating pink cardstock as an accent color.  I then needed a base sheet.  I chose the cream base, I think that a pretty sage or light green would have worked good too.  I also needed a text sheet, so I picked a bright white textured cardstock because I liked the way the white looked against the pink and floral print.

To make the invitation, first cut the base sheet in half to a size of 8-1/2″x 5-1/2″.  Next, cut the pink accent sheet to a size of 8″x5″ to leave a 1/4″ reveal on the cream sheet.

Before cutting the white sheet, you need to figure out your text layout.  I decided to use a cute saying with this one…

“We’re tickled pink and happy to say, a baby girl is on the way!”

Then, I added the rest of the shower information and wrote the name for the baby shower in cursive to help it stand out.

Before printing, I wanted to have the floral print kind of “growing” out of the bottom of the invitation, so I cut around the outline of some of the flowers and left a solid edge on the bottom and sides.

I then printed out the text sheet once I knew that the floral print would fit at the bottom.  Attache the floral print to the bottom of the white text sheet and make the overall size 7-1/2″x 4-1/2″ to leave another 1/4″ reveal.

Next, begin to adhere all the layers together.  Before putting the pink and top layers on the base sheet, I used two strands of light pink ribbon and tied a cute little bow at the top.  Then finish attaching the layers together and stick them in an envelope.

…A super cute idea for a summer baby shower!


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