Make Birthday Invitations – 60th

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This homemade invitation design would work great for any woman’s birthday.  The beautiful floral print paper looks great with this burgandy, moss green and white cardstock.  This wide moss green organza ribbon puts the perfect finishing touch on the invitation.

To make this invitation, start by cutting the burgandy cardstock in half to a size of 8-1/2″x 5-1/2″.  This will be your base sheet and it also allows you to get two invitations per one sheet of paper.  Next, cut the floral print paper down to a size of 8-1/4″x 5-1/4″ to leave a 1/8″ reveal.  A lot of times I use a 1/4″ reveal, but for this invitation, these colors seemed to bold to leave a larger reveal. 

The next layer, the moss green cardstock, should be cut down to a size of 3-1/2″x 6-1/2″.  This will allow for a 7/8″ reveal of the floral print.

Next, you will need to decide on a text layout.  Since I used a wide ribbon, I had to leave a wide space in the text for the ribbon.  I placed the words “Please join us for a surprise 60th birthday celebration honoring… Mary Hudson” above the ribbon and the rest of the text below the ribbon.  I used a fun, modern print font for the main body but an elegant cursive font for the name and the words “Remember…it’s a Surprise!” at the bottom.

Once I had the text layout decided and printed, I cut it down to a size of 3-1/4″x 6-1/4″ to leave a 1/8″ reveal. 

Next, I attached the white cardstock to the green cardstock using scrapbook mounting squares.  I then wrapped the ribbon around those two layers and tied a double knot.

Then I finished by attaching all the other layers together using the mounting squares making sure to keep everything centered.



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    Katie says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this blog! I love making paper products and currently I am making programs for my wedding. I needed quite a bit of moss green card stock and cannot find it anywhere! (or at least the places I find it online I don’t trust!) I am SO happy that you put the links to where you get your materials. I was able to find the moss green card stock as well as the Moss green ribbon that I have been looking for for 2 months!

    Awesome find!


    • 2

      Hi Katie!
      I’m so glad my blog was able to help you out! I love knowing that I can help out a friend when possible!! Good luck with your wedding programs! Let me know if you need any ideas or help finding anything else!! I’d love to see a picture of the programs when you’re done!

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    Awesome post, where is the rss? I cant find it!
    My blog is on Womens fitness.

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