Make Your Own Birthday Invitations – 40th Birthday

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I came up with this trendy, contemporary birthday invitation for a woman’s 40th birthday.  I liked the mature-ness of the black and white paper combined with the moss green cardstock.

This invitation design could also be used as a bridal shower invitation or an anniversary invitation or even a birthday invitation for any other milestone birthday!

The best part about this design is that it is super simple to make!

Start out by cutting the floral print paper down to a size of 8-1/2″x 5-1/2″.  This will be the overall size of the invitation.  Next, cut the moss green cardstock to a size of 6″x 5-1/2″ to leave a 1-1/4″ reveal of the floral print on either side.

Now, design a text layout using any printshop program or word program.  I always use my printshop program because it seems easier to change and move layouts.  For this invitation, I used a print font for the main information but a larger cursive for the name.  I also printed the name in a moss green ink to help the text blend with the rest of the invitation.

Once the text is printed onto the white cardstock, cut it down to size of 5-1/4″x 5-1/2″ to leave a 3/8″ reveal of green on either side.

Now, to assemble the invitation, center all the layers and keep all aligned on the top and the bottom.  Attach them all together using scapbook mounting squares.

That’s it!!  It’s so easy and turns out so beautiful!


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