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I think that designing a man’s birthday invitation is by far one of the most difficult to make, don’t you think??  It is so much harder to create an invitation with masculine qualities than it is to create a frilly, girly invitation!

So, I wanted to create an invitation perfect for any guy!

This invitation has all the masculine qualities needed for every manly man…deep red, navy blue and cream color combination; metal brads; fun wording…it’s perfect!

The best part is, it’s so easy!

To begin, cut the red cardstock in half to a size of 5-1/2″x 8-1/2″.  This will give you two invitations per one sheet of paper.  Next, cut the navy blue cardstock to a size of 7-3/4″x 4-3/4″.  This will allow for a 3/8″ reveal of red.  I like to cut all the paper first to make the assembly process much quicker.

The next step is to design a text layout.  I like to use my printshop program, but any word processing program will work.  Start by selecting a horizontal page layout.  Next, create a text box on the left side of the page.  This is where you will type all the text for your invitation.

For this invitation, I wanted to use a banner for the birthday boy’s name and age, so I found a free clipart download of a banner on the internet.  I opened it in my paint program and modified it by coloring it navy and adding the words.  Then I transferred that image to my printshop program and uploaded it onto my page.  If you don’t want to go to all that trouble, you could also buy banner stickers and letter stickers and make your own!  Get creative!

To finish the rest of the text, I added fun sayings that any guy will love!…

“Join us for a backyard beer garden celebrating

MIKE’S 30th


Then I added the other information, like the date, time and location.

I finished off the text by adding this fun idea I found on the internet…

“In lieu of gifts, please bring one chilled 6-pack of


Sounds like fun, right?!  Although, if your guy’s not really into the whole drinking scene, then just change it up and make it more of a sports theme!  Anything will work!

I also changed the font color to navy blue for the main portions, but a deep red for the words “BIRTHDAY” and “YOUR FAVORITE BEER”.

Next, copy and paste that text box to the right side of the page so you get two text sheets per paper.  To make sure your layout will fit well on your invitation, you can use a trial and error printing.  Once you get it right, print on the cream cardstock.

Cut each text sheet to a size of 4-1/2″x 7-1/2″.  This will allow for a 1/8″ reveal of the navy blue accent paper.

Next, attach the metal brads in the corners of the cream cardstock.  You can omit this step if you don’t want that look, but I thought it added another masculine feature.

Now, using scrapbook mounting squares, attach the cream cardstock to the navy blue and the navy blue to the red.  Be sure to keep all the layers centered or it may start to look sloppy.

What guy wouldn’t like this invitation??  You should definitely try this design for your guy’s big day the next time around!

Let me know what you think!



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    Lateisha says:

    Really like this invite, can you tell me what website you got the banenr from?

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