*Oh My! Monday* Fall Party Invitation

Well, it’s Monday again…you know what that means!  Another “Oh My! Monday” invitation!

Remember, these invitations are usually a little more time-consuming or have a little higher difficulty level, but they are definitely still do-able!

You are surely going to get the “Oh My!” factor when you send these out!

Supply List…

If you’re planning a fun fall get-together, then you should definitely be sending out these fun invites!

Who wouldn’t like receiving such a cute invitation perfect for that great fall party?!

The best thing is, they’re not too hard to make either!

To begin, cut a piece of kraft paper to a size of 5-3/4″x 5-3/4″.  Next, you will apply the leaves and raffia to the paper using scrapbook mounting squares.  If the leaves don’t seem to stick too well using the mounting squares you could try using a hot glue gun.

{ leaf application }

You can let the leaves hang over the edge of the paper by about 1/4-1/2″.

Next, carefully tear (not too careful though, you want it to look torn) the orange tissue paper to a size of about 4-3/4″x 4-3/4″.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect!

The next step is to create a text layout.  Using either a printshop program or a word program, create a page using a horizontal page layout.  Create a text block near the upper left side.  Determine what you want the invitation to say.  This invitation plainly says…

“Please join us…

The Johnson’s Annual Fall Festival”

I like to use a fun, hand-written font for my text.  I also change the font color to a dark brown for the main body and a deep red for the event name.  This helps the text blend better with the overall design of the invitation.

Once you have a layout that you think may work, you can use a trial and error printing.  Be sure to use an inexpensive piece of printer paper for this.  If you find that the layout will work, then you will need to copy and paste the text box to the lower left corner and two one the right side as well.  To save paper costs, you will be able to get 4 text sheets out of one piece of paper.

You can now print on the cream cardstock.  When printing is done, cut the text sheet to a size of 4″x 4″.

Now you can begin to assemble the rest of the invitation.  Start by attaching the cardstock to the tissue paper using mounting squares.  Then attach that layer to the leaves and kraft paper.  You can either use the mounting squares or a hot glue gun if the mounting squares don’t seem to stick.

That wasn’t so hard, right?!  I know you can do it!  And you’re guests will love them!!

But, if you just don’t have the time, take advantage of our new Custom Invitation Orders!!  I will make the invitations for you and even include the envelopes!  Just drop me an email at easymadeinvitations@gmail.com and let me know that you’re interested in a quote for this invitation and I will get right back with you on a price and delivery date!

It’s that easy!!  And, it doesn’t cost much at all!  Think of the time you can save, but still have custom handmade invitations!

Give it a thought!  In the meantime…Happy Fall!!


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