*Oh My! Monday*…Halloween Invitation Idea

Around here, Monday means “Oh My!”, for the great invitation that is being featured!

And, with Halloween just around the corner, I thought a homemade Halloween Party invitation would be perfect!

In fact, we’re going to begin the fall and Halloween celebration with invitations related to both all week long!

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Eat, Drink & Be Scary… A Halloween Party Invitation

Supply List…

I had a lot of fun making this homemade Halloween invitation!  Drawing a cute ghost and all the little details for such a cute invitation!

Who wouldn’t want to receive this special invitation for the best Halloween party of the neighborhood?!

And, even though it takes a little more time to make, it’s still fairly simple!

Begin by cutting the black cardstock with an Exacto Paper Trimmer to a size of 5-1/2″x 8-1/2″, which is actually one sheet cut in half.  Next, cut the orange cardstock to a size of 5-1/8″x 8-1/8″.  Again, using the paper trimmer, cut the spiderweb paper to a size of 4-3/4″x 7-3/4″.  Using the paper trimmer will save you a huge amount of time versus cutting by hand!  And, it gives you perfect, precise cuts and the measurements are right on the cutter so you don’t have to measure each sheet with a ruler!

Next, draw a ghost outline.  You can either draw one similar to mine, or you can come up with your own.  You can also get ideas from the internet.  Make sure it will fit within the dimensions of the spiderweb paper with room to spare all the way around.

Once you have a ghost drawn, you will need to design a text layout.  Using either a printshop program or word program, make a layout using all the information for your party.  Use wording like, “frightful” or “if you dare” or “haunted house” to make it even more fun!

After you have a good layout, place your ghost outline over it and make sure it works with the layout.  If it doesn’t, adjust your text until it does work.

Next, print out your text on the white cardstock.  You can copy and paste it to the other side of the paper too so you get two text sheets from each sheet of paper.  Using the ghost outline that you drew, trace the outline on the finished text sheet.  Cut out that ghost.

In the meantime, you will also need to trace the ghost outline on the white felt paper.  I used a black Sharpie marker because pen or pencil wouldn’t write on felt.  The marker also gave a nice outline on the finished piece.

Now cut out the ghost from the cardstock and from the felt paper.  Finish detailing the ghost by drawing the arms/hands and a mouth and eyes.  Also, cut out the hands so the treat bag can be attached.

To make the treat bag, either write “You’re invited…” on a portion of a paper sack or print it off using the computer.  Then cut out the print in a square or rectangle to resemble a bag.  Take a small piece of raffia and attach it on the back side of the bag.

Using a hot glue gun, attach the raffia to the hands of the ghost to make it look like it’s holding the bag.

Next, put a small slit where the metal brads will go in the bottom area of the eyes.  These brads will hold the two layers together.  Push the brads through so they are attached.

Now, using one cotton ball, pull small amounts of it apart so it’s very thin.  Place a very small amount of glue on the spiderweb paper in a couple of areas and attach the thin cotton ball pieces.  Try to make them resemble an actual spiderweb.

Finally, attach the ghost layer to the spiderweb paper and all the other layers together using the mounting squares.

This invitation turns out so cute…you will definitely get some “Oh My!”‘s when you send these out!!

If you love the idea, but just don’t have the time to do it, contact me and I can make them for you!  I’d love to make this invitation for you for your big Halloween bash!  Email me and I’ll get a price and delivery details to you!

I’d love to help you out!

And, here are some great party supplies you might like for your big party…

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