*Oh My! Monday* Race Car Birthday Invitation

Here at Easy Made Invitations, Monday means “Oh my!”  It’s the one day of the week where I feature a homemade invitation that I’ve designed that’s a little more difficult or time-consuming to make.

The invitations on Monday are so great that you’re guests will definitely say “Oh My!” when they receive them!!

I’ve included all the steps it takes to make these invitations, but if you feel that it’s a little more than you’re up to doing, remember that I can also make them for you!

Just send me an email or comment on this (or any) invitation and I will get in touch with you!

Okay, enough jibber-jabber…here’s the invite…

Race Car Birthday Invitation

Supply List…

If you’re looking for a great homemade invitation for that little race fan, then this is it!

What little guy wouldn’t want to hand out this invite for his special birthday??  His party will definitely be the envy of the neighborhood!!

Not only is this invitation really cool looking, but it’s also fun for the child receiving it!  Pull the little tab on the side and the #6 racecar speeds across the track to beat the #5 car by a nose!

It’s a little more difficult to make, but follow these instructions and you should be fine!

{ supplies }

These are the supplies needed to make this invitation.  Even though you need so many different colors of cardstock, keep in mind that you will only be using small amounts of each sheet per invitation, so you may only need one or two sheets of red, blue, yellow and light gray for all the invitations you need to make.

To begin, using a paper cutter, cut the black cardstock in half to a size of 5-1/2″X 8-1/2″.  This will be the overall size of the invitation.  I like to use my Exact Paper Trimmer.  I’ve had mine for quite a few years and it’s still going strong!

Next, you need to design a crowd picture for the invitation.  To make this easy for you, you can download this jpeg that my husband drew for my invite.  This will make it a little simpler for you!  Just click on the picture below and download it into your computer.

You will want to print this at the largest size to fit across a white 8-1/2″x 11″ cardstock in a portrait layout.

Next, you will need to cut this image out which will be 2-1/2″x 8-1/4″.

{ Attach image to cardstock }

Attach the crowd image that was printed on cardstock to the top of the black cardstock, leaving a 1/8″ reveal of black at the top and on the sides.

Next, make a text layout for your birthday guy’s (or gal’s) name.  You can use a Word program or printshop program.  Place the text box at the top of a vertical (portrait) page layout.  When making multiple invitations, you will want to space out the words and put several down the page.  I used this wording, but you can use what you’d like…


Print this out on the light gray cardstock and cut it down to a size of 1-1/4″x 8-1/4″ with a 1/4″ gap between the top of the letters and the top of the gray paper.  Cut a strip of red cardstock to attach to the back side of the light gray cardstock.  Cut it to a size of 1/2″x 8-1/4″.  Attach it to the backside of the light gray leaving 1/8″ peaking out the top.

{ Attach next layer }

Attach that cardstock combination to the black cardstock near the bottom of the crowd image.  My layer overlapped part of the crowd because I needed more room on the bottom for the cars, so if this happens with yours, no worries, it still looks great!

Next, cut out the “racetrack”.  Using the dark gray cardstock, cut it to a size of 1-7/8″x 8-1/4″.  Now, using an exacto knife, you will need to cut a slit for the car to drive on.  Make a straight line 1-1/8″ from the bottom of the dark gray cardstock.  Make another line 1/8″ above that line.  Have the line run about 5″ long starting about 1-1/2″ in from the left side.  This will leave a 1-3/4″ space on the right side, which will allow for the checkered finish line.  Cut out the 1/8″ line.

Cut out a piece of checkered finish line paper to a size of about 1-3/4″x 2″.  Also, cut a strip of the yellow cardstock 1/2″x 8-1/4″.  Attach the yellow cardstock to the bottom of the dark gray cardstock, leaving a 1/8″ of yellow peaking out, and attach the finish line to the right side of the dark gray cardstock.

Cut out a couple of cute cars, using any design that you like.  I just used a fun cartoon-y style, but yours can look any way.  I also added some tires using black cardstock.  I numbered the cars #5 & #6, with number 6 racing in front of number 5 since Jacob is turning 6.

{ Back of car }

On the backside of the blue car, you will need to place two pieces of cardstock that are attached to eachother to the bottom of the car.  This will slightly elevate the car off the invitation which will allow the red car to pass behind it.

{ Slot and track for car }

Now, using a piece of gray cardstock, cut a small strip to a size of 3/8″x 7-1/2″ long.  1-1/2″ from the left side, cut a small chunk out of both the top and the bottom, leaving a small “bridge”.

{ Pull strip construction }

Slide the left end of the pull strip up through the slit from the back side.  Once it is through, turn it to fit so it will slide when pulled.  If it feels a little snug, you may need to cut more of the “bridge” area so it will slide better.  I also had to add another piece of cardstock to the backside of the pull strip on the “bridge” part so it was a little reinforced.

{ Cars attached }

Attach one car (the red car) to the left end of the pull strip.  Attach the other car (the blue car) to the dark gray cardstock.

{ Pull strip tunnel }

Next, I had to create a kind of “tunnel” on the backside for the pull strip to pass through so it wasn’t sliding up and down at the end.  Mine looked like this.

Now, attach the dark gray cardstock to the black cardstock, leaving a 1/8″ reveal of black on the bottom.

The final step is to print your party information on some white cardstock.  I used my printshop program and thought of a couple cute ways to write the info.  I wanted it to sound like the crowd was saying it… “Hey, it’s a party!”  ”At Jacob’s House on Saturday, Aug. 21st”  ”It’s at 1:00, so don’t be late”  ”Have your mom call Jacob’s mom!”.  Cut them out in talk bubbles and attach them to the invitation.  Try to position them so they look like they are coming from the mouths of the spectators.


That’s it!  It turns out so cute!  And, even though this tutorial may seem like they take forever to make, they really don’t!  The first one took me a while, but I could easily whip out a couple more in no time!

Remember though, if you’re short on time but really like this invite, I can make them for you!!  Just email me or view my Custom Orders page and I’ll get in touch with you!!

Enjoy that super special kids super fun day!!



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    OH MY! Super creative and adorable! LOVE IT! :)


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