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Isn’t this a fun Sweet 16 birthday invitation??  This homemade invitation is perfect for that trendy, spunky soon-to-be sixteen year old! 

The best part is, it’s easy!

To begin, cut the black cardstock to a size of 8-1/2″x 5-1/2″.  Next, cut your black & white paper to a size of 7-1/2″x 4-1/2″. 

Before cutting the fuschia cardstock, determine your text layout.  I usually use my printshop program when I make invitations.  For this invitation, I selected a horizontal page layout.  Then I created a text box to the left side of the paper.  Trying different fonts and wording, I came up with the text.  I liked using an elegant cursive font for the entire invitation because it fit in with the overall design.  Also, be sure to leave a margin for your tulle to cross through.

Next, I copied and pasted the text block to the right side of the page.  This gave me two text sheets per one sheet of paper.  Once the text is printed, cut the fuschia cardstock to a size of 6-3/4″x 3-3/4″. 

Cut a length of the black sparkly tulle.

Once all the supplies are cut out, putting it together is the easy part!

Using scrapbook mounting squares, attach the fuschia cardstock to the black & white paper.  Next, attach that layer to the black cardstock.  Make sure to keep all the layers centered or it starts to look sloppy. 

Once all the layers are attached together, wrap the tulle around the invitation and tie a double knot on the front in the center.  Pull the ends snuggly and trim to the desired length.

That’s it!  It is so easy and it looks so professional!  Your daughter’s guests are sure to think you had these custom made!

Let me know what you think!  What are some of the ideas you’ve used to make homemade invitations, or ideas for the party itself?



  1. 1
    Jannette C says:

    Thanks for all the beautiful ideas and instructions! great site!

  2. 3
    Cassandra Sanchez says:

    These are awesome going to use this idea for my 25th birthday!!!

  3. 5
    Lexi Baid says:

    This looks really beautiful! I think I will try this for my birthday! I was just wondering where i could buy all of the supplies?

    • 6

      Hi Lexi,

      There are some links above in the post that will take you to some supplies, or if you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, you can get most things from there too! Gotta love Hobby Lobby! :)

  4. 7
    JCrithary says:

    I love this, and I plan on using it for my sweet 16! I have all my supplies, but I was wondering if you could tell me the type of font you used for the ‘Sweet’ and the more intense cursive for everything else

    • 8

      Hi JCrithary, I’m so glad you will be using this idea! The overall cursive script is Edwardian Script and the word “Sweet” is written in Opera. Good luck!

  5. 9
    Heather says:

    Hi! These are the NICEST invites I have ever seen!! SUCH a good job! Can I ask you where you got the black and white flourish paper? I want to make these for my nieces sweet 16, and I looked at the local craft stores, but couldn’t find anything even similar.

  6. 11
    shaniya says:

    I love the idea thxs

  7. 12
    Selina says:

    Gotta try this! thanks a bunch, i totally love it!! :)

  8. 13
    silvia says:

    What type of glue can I use ?

  9. 15
    Cailyn says:

    Do you have any graduation open house invitation ideas?

  10. 16
    Ana says:

    What printshop did you use ?

  11. 18
    Daylee Montano says:

    Hi, can I order these invitations? Please email me with all the information.

  12. 19
    Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! They are beautiful!! I am currently in the process of making these! Do you remember what size don’t you used? I appreciate your feedback!!

  13. 21
    Vicki Mavis says:

    Hi, I love your Sweet 16 fuchsia invitation–it’s lovely, and I’m thinking of doing something similar with Tiffany Blue and a glitter cardstock background, but I wonder with your tulle embellishment whether those required any additional postage prior to mailing owing to the increase in bulk?

  14. 22
    Anna says:

    hello im using this for my sweet 16 but where can you find all this?

  15. 23
    Alysha Loncar says:

    Hi!! I love this invite and am currently making them for my sweet 16! I was wondering where I could get the font “Opera” since it isn’t available on my word.

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