{DIY} Fun Valentine Scratch-Off’s

What child (or adult for that matter) doesn’t like the anticipation and surprise of a scratch-off??

This year for my daughter’s class valentines, we decided to do something different…make scratch-offs!  Now she can put her little valentine’s in everyone else’s boxes and there will be a little surprise when they find hers.

I found the “recipe” to make the scratch off solution on Better Homes and Gardens website and thought it would be perfect for class Valentines!

Stay tuned this week because I’ll also be posting a fun birthday invitation using the same technique!

Valentine Scratch-offs…

The scratch-off solution…

{ Solution Supplies }

1) Gather your supplies…

  • Liquid dishwashing soap
  • Metallic acrylic paint (like used in ceramics or woodworking)
  • Clear Con-Tact paper
  • Small bowl
  • Heart punch

2) Put 1 part dishwashing soap in the bowl (I just used a spoon to measure)

3) Add 2 parts paint to the soap and mix together.  Don’t mix too much or you’ll develop bubbles  :)  We also tried two different shades of the paint and decided that we liked the darker shade better.

4) Cut a strip of the con-tact paper.  Paint a couple coats of the paint solution onto the clear side of the paper.  You’ll have to let each coat dry for at least 30-45 minutes before applying another coat.

5) Using the heart punch, begin punching out the amount of hearts that you’ll need for your valentines.  We cut and painted a couple strips of the con-tact paper to get enough hearts.

6) Using any computer program, design a cute valentine.  My daughter liked the question, “Guess who thinks you are awesome?”.  Then we put her name at the bottom, which will be covered with the scratch-off.

7) I even found this cute red heart paper to use as a base sheet for the invites.  It was in my stash of extra paper that was cut-off scrap from a different invitation order…how thrifty!   ;-)

8 ) Now, just cut your valentines apart, peel the backing off the heart shaped con-tact paper and stick them over your name on the valentine!  We also added a sucker to each of my daughter’s…who doesn’t like a sucker??

You could even tape a penny to each valentine as an added bonus and good scratcher!

Don’t cha love it??  And, my daughter had the best time making them!!

Do you like to hand-make your kid’s valentines or buy them at the store?  I’d love to hear about your fun valentine ideas!!



  1. 1

    I love this idea!! I’ve been wanting to try it, thanks!

  2. 3
    Michelle says:

    What a terrific idea! I had no idea making scratch off was that easy! Thanks for sharing.

  3. 5

    Yes, I saw it too & wanted to try it. So glad you did and thanks for showing us. The valentines are adorable & the kids are going to be thrilled!

  4. 7

    Love this idea! Thanks for posting this!

  5. 9
    Lara says:

    How cute!!!!!

  6. 11

    Awwwh, how cute and fun! Way to go on this personalized Valentine note for your kids to hand out! Thanks for sharing!

  7. 13

    Lindsay….just WAY too cute! Total knockout!

  8. 15

    Love this Lyndsay! I saw this scratch off solution on Pinterest and fell in love :) You did amazing job! So fun! I shared on FB!

  9. 17

    Love these Lindsay! I didn’t actually know you could make scratch offs!

  10. 18

    I know, crazy huh?? But totally fun and easy!!

  11. 19

    I love these, Lindsay – what a cute idea! Thank you for sharing!

  12. 21
    Therese says:

    This is sooooo awesome. I cant believe i can make something like this.. Im so excited never thought possible. Never even thought of.. Great idea and thinking. WOW is all i can say. Thank you so much. Ive got a huge smile on my face just from seeing something like this that you’ve have shown.

  13. 23
    Pippa says:

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!! You could use it for anything!!! Scratch birthday, scratch Christmas, scratch easter, scratch new year, It feels like one of those scratch and win things!!!

  14. 24
    Felecia Jacks says:

    I’m confused. Do you peel all paper off th heart?

  15. 25

    Hello Felecia, you will paint the solution on the front side of the contact paper. After it dries, you will punch out a heart shape. You then peel the backing off the heart and stick it (the painted clear paper) on the paper you will be using. Then, when you scratch off the paint there will be the thin layer of clear contact paper on top of your wording that will be revealed. :)


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