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Today, I’ve chosen Amy from Blowout Party!  She has great party ideas and I especially love this Ballerina Birthday party she recently featured!  Be sure to visit her site and say hello!

Check out my post from Monday for a super cute ballerina birthday party invitation, complete with tutu, to go along with your ballerina party!

Ballerina Birthday Party…

In Amy’s words…



I can’t tell you how beyond thrilled I am that my hero, Courtney of Pizzazzeriefeatured my daughter’s Glittery Ballerina Birthday Party!  I just know that it’s going to be one of my highlights of 2011.  And everyone’s sweet comments on her blog and on Facebook mean so much to me, you have no idea.

Here are the pics of the party- stay tuned, because I’ll be posting free templatesand the recipes I used for this party.

For the printed papers and boxes, I stuck with a white and pink damask pattern. I used the free templates from Eat Drink Chic for the popcorn boxes, the personalized cup wrappers, and the frame I used for the invitation, the cups, the tutu nametags, and the chocolate wrappers. I designed a ballerina silhouette for the invitation and nametags, and I used the same silhouette for the backdrop. I printed it out at 2300% and then traced it onto a foam board. Then I cut it out and glittered her up! I used fabric and tulle for her tutu for a 3 dimensional look. The backdrop was made to look like a stage with fabric draping, and the ballerina in the center.

I’ve only attempted a few fondant cakes before, so I was a little nervous about making fondant ballet slippers, but I think they came out pretty cute. One of them is still sitting on my daughter’s dresser. I wonder how long I have to wait before sneaking it off into the garbage…


The milk bottles were actually Starbucks Frappucino bottles that I got from Costco. I used Chris’s advice from HERE. I filled them with milk and strawberry milk syrup- but I gotta say, this was not a hit with the kids. It looked pretty on the table, so I didn’t cry over the spilled milk, but next time I’m using plain white milk.

To make the desserts look like beautiful dancing ballerinas, I made pink meringue “skirts” and stuck in pink cardstock ballerina toppers.


Here are the dancing ballerina cupcakes.


I’m so proud of my ballet slipper sugar cookies (again, one of my first attempt at cookie decorating), but in retrospect, I wish I had made the shoe a darker pink for more contrast. I’m always scared of overdoing the food coloring. Before I baked the cookies, I poked two holes through the dough using a straw. This way I was able to lace a ribbon through the cookie and tie in a bow.


Pink popcorn! So pretty and sweet! Yes, I printed, cut and glued together each of these popcorn boxes, and then tied a bow around them. Phew! I’m tired just thinking about that! I used the template from Eat Drink Chic. The tops of the boxes were snipped using the same Fiskars scallop scissor as the cotton candy cones and the cupcake wrappers.


I needed something to hold the cotton candy cones, and I was just NOT in the mood to make one of those Styrofoam stands! So I used a jewelery stand (I think that’s what it is) that I once bought at HomeGoods (cuz I liked it, but never found a use for until now).


Here’s the invitation. Don’t you love the ballerina with her ribbon wand? I didn’t really need invitations, I just needed an excuse to use her.


I found these pretty tutus for only $8 at a local store (Century 21, for my fellow New Yorkers) I printed nametags and tied them with a bow to the hangers. The girls were sooo excited to be wearing matching tutus!


Personalized cups doubled as place cards- we managed to avoid little-girl politics this way. There was no fighting over the seating when they saw those cups! Or maybe it’s because they were mesmerized by the ribbon wands and tulle pom pom party hats at each plate! They had sooo much fun waving those ribbon wands when we played freeze dance afterward.

The birthday girl wanted a party hat with a long tulle tail like a “princess”- I found pretty glittery tulle, so now there’s glitter everywhere!


Stay tuned for the free templates and recipes!

Images & Party by Amy Oren, Blowout Party



Be sure to visit Amy at Blowout Party for other great ideas!

Check out my blog from Monday for a super cute Ballerina Birthday invitation idea that would fit perfectly with this party idea!



  1. 1
    Gelia says:

    Wow, so pretty! You’ve done such a great job with all the baking! I absolutely love the ballerina meringue idea!!!

    Beautiful, I hope the birthday girl enjoyed her party:)))

  2. 2
    norma says:

    I would love to know where you got the ballerina cut out for the background

  3. 3
    NANCY says:

    I absolutely love this!!! I agree with Gelia the merengue idea is amazing!

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